1. PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Members must be approved as a professional photographer to PROVIDE images in the group. If you were not approved to the group as a photographer (i.e. you joined the group as a shop owner and not as BOTH), you must obtain approval if you decide to collaborate as a photographer by emailing letscollab@photosforshops.com so we can review your portfolio.

2. PROMOTION: No promotion (i.e. sales, giveaways, contests, market research, list building, group invites, or referral links) except for on Market Monday with #marketmonday in your post.

3. POSTS & COMMENTS: Always include your professional website for your shop or portfolio. Do not post images that are not your own (i.e. no inspiration or example images). No PM’s until you’ve been selected by the OP to collaborate. Do not mention your blog, follower count, web traffic or whether the resulting images may be published.

4. TANGIBLE ITEMS: All collaborations are a trade of tangible items in exchange for high resolution images. Collaborations involving video, sharing/tagging, blogging, or any other service is not allowed. 

5. TRADE: The amount of images exchanged for each item/set is determined based on the photographer’s Value Per Image (VPI), with a minimum $25 VPI (In USD). All items are entitled to an exchange of at least 1 photo regardless of the VPI, so that items or sets less than the photographer's VPI will still be eligible for one image. Shipping is eligible for additional images if the cost to ship is above the photographer's VPI. (See our calculator for clarification)

6. TIMELINE: Shops are not permitted to request an image turnaround of less than 2 weeks from the date items are received by the photographer. If a shop owner needs images sooner, they can hire a photographer for the project. The default timeline for both shipping and image delivery is 2 weeks from the date the collab agreement is signed by both parties or product delivery respectively.  

7. COLLAB AGREEMENT: You must use the collaboration agreement for every collaboration that originates in Let's Collab. The agreement is available at https://photosforshops.com/collab-agreement.

8. REPORT: You must report any member who breaks a rule, takes advantage of the community, or anything of that nature. All reports must be made out to letscollab@photosforshops.com - do not message any team member directly.

Group Rules