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Our team has put together a growing number of resources intended to help our community members stay organized, communicate effectively, and elevate their business. Keep checking back for more resources as we update this page with more goodies for you! 

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We have a variety of resources available to our Let's Collab community. Click below to browse:




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Our first resource and perhaps the most valuable to you is our beloved facebook group, "Let's Collab - Professional Photos for Small Shops". We have a thriving community with over 13,800 members and more than 25,000 posts comments and likes per month. The best part? Our facebook group is completely free to join. Shops will need to provide their shop website upon joining, and photographers will need to provide their portfolio link for review. Due to the thorough review process, it can sometimes take a few days or even a couple of weeks to process your join request, but trust us—it's worth the wait!

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While some of our recommendations are affiliate links or partnerships, they are always things we know, love, and genuinely consider a quality resource for YOU. 

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Like our website and branding? You'll love yours! Bernel takes a genuine interest in your brand and focuses on all the details so you don't have to. Trust us, she knows what she's doing and she's someone we are proud to recommend far and wide. She's graciously offering an exclusive discount to our members for 25% off any showit website template of your choice with the promo code photosforshops

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This is the email platform we use and love, for two main reasons: 1) their price doesn't increase when your list grows and 2) their email templates are intuitive and STUNNING. Right now they're still apparently in "beta pricing" and you can sign up for the lowest monthly rate ever... for LIFE Y'ALL. So if you want to be grandfathered in AND at a discounted rate, use our affiliate code to get started with 50% off:

Gorgeous Email Marketing Platform

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