What is the VALUE PER IMAGE (VPI)?

The amount of images exchanged for each item/set is determined based on the photographer’s Value Per Image (VPI), with a minimum $25 VPI (In USD). All items are entitled to an exchange of at least 1 photo regardless of the VPI, so that items or sets less than the photographer's VPI will still be eligible for one image. Shipping is considered an “item” if the cost to ship is above the photographer's VPI. 


Collaboration Image

Make a copy of the Collaboration Image Calculator with the link below, and plug in the photographer VPI, retail price of the items, and the estimated shipping based on the photographer's zip code in the collab agreement. The calculator will tell you how many images should be provided for the collab! 

To Use this calculator:

Make sure you have a google account set up and that you’re signed in. If you don’t have a google account you will need to make one to use this calculator.

Calculator link