Photographers in the Let's Collab community are hand-picked professionals held to a high standard both in terms of quality and professionalism. We are so proud of what they've managed to accomplish for our small shops and just how generous, kind, and supportive they are.

carefully curated


Alyssa Rachel | Photographer

Style: Light and airy
Preferred Subjects: wedding-related items, and kitchenwares

light & Airy


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Anna Rudd Photography

Style: Light and airy
Preferred Subjects: Mostly interested in baby items (like toys, clothing, accessories) or home items/decor

light & Airy

Raleigh, NC

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Alyssa Joy & Co.

Style: Light and Airy
Preferred Subjects: children's or women's products (ie: jewelry, children's clothes or toys, skincare, etc.)

light & Airy

Milford, NH

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Shop Photos Co

Style: Varies/Mix/Other
Preferred Subjects: Jewelry, Food, Children's Clothing



Dunedin, FL

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Haylie Jeter Photography

Style: True to life, vibrant, or vivid
Preferred Subjects: Jewelry, Bath Products/cosmetics, Home decor items

true to life / vibrant

Charlotte, NC

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Collaboration is risky. We proudly feature these photographers and recommend them for both paid opportunities and collaborations alike. The featured photographers have been specifically vetted to ensure professionalism, experience with product photography, integrity, and high caliber image quality. 


The Application

Photographers receive a 6 page report with examples from their portfolio on these topics: Exposure, White Balance, Composition, Lighting, Processing, Product Styling, Cohesion, Overall Strengths, and Areas for Improvement.

When photographers are ready to apply they'll simply purchase the application fee here.  Upon payment, they'll receive the application form by email.

To prepare, photographers should have a product portfolio link (pixieset or similar), 7-10 images for their profile if approved, and 3 screenshots of positive collaborator feedback.


Within 5-7 days applicants receive a portfolio review and decision. Due to the thorough review process, the application fee is nonrefundable. If approved, they'll receive a badge in three color options as PNG files AND a profile on our website with images and links to their website and pages. 



The feature program


We have a variety of resources available to our Photographer community. Click below to browse:




the community?

Joining our community is as easy as joining our facebook group, "Let's Collab - Professional Photos for Small Shops". We have a thriving community with over 11,000 members and more than 25,000 posts comments and likes per month. The best part? Our facebook group is completely free to join. Shops will need to provide their shop website upon joining, and photographers will need to provide their portfolio link for review. Due to the thorough review process, it can sometimes take a few days or even a couple of weeks to process your join request, but trust us—it's worth the wait!

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photographer experiences

collab stories

Let’s collab has been an amazing group for me as a photographer! I feel I have grown so much since I joined this amazing group. In every collaboration I learn something new! I love that we can get to work with amazing shops and practice more our skills and get amazing products!

-Zuemy Bourque

As a photographer, the Let's Collab group has given me chance to work with real clients while building my product portfolio, and increased my ability to land paying jobs for product photography. I've also had the chance to get creative in new ways, and find inspiration and help from other photographers in the

-Sarah Ainsworth

From the many many collabs I have completed- I was able to learn so much from many shop owners as well as other photographers from this group- I open up a product photography branch of my business. This was because my skills improved with more experience but it also gave me content to post and then it provided more traffic to my website for paid clients. 

-Elizabeth Collado