We're  in this together

we want to open a conversation about how COVID-19 might impact not only our collaborations, but our businesses and our personal lives. This community is full of small business owners, and we think it's reasonable to assume stress levels are high right now with the unknown. 

We want to to urge you all to communicate openly and often with your collab partners, and to have grace when things don't go as planned right now. If a shop is behind on shipping, or if a photographer needs more time to complete a gallery, we hope you'll consider having patience and being lenient whenever possible—but not without communication. 

If you think you might not meet expectations laid out in your agreements or in your messages or emails, communicate that immediately. Request deadline extensions, send items back, do whatever makes sense. If you can't come to an agreement about it on your own you can always reach out to our team for advice at letscollabteam@gmail.com 

So please have grace for each other and for yourselves, and realize that this is a global emergency that might be putting your collab partner's business and personal life under extreme stress. If you can deliver galleries early to help a shop owner post a sale right now, do that! If you're a shop owner who can extend a deadline reach out and offer an extension. Whatever you do, just communicate.